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'Follicular Unit Extraction' or 'FUE' is a minimally-invasive hair transplant.

As mentioned in my recent blog post below, a completely scar-free procedure is not possible, but how can we let the general public know about their less-invasive hair transplant options?

Jeremy Piven's Bad Hair Transplant Scar

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Hi jeremy,  You should update your blog with advance FUE hair transplant technique one of most popular hair tranplant technique available in these days. FUE hair transplant is scarles procedure of hair transplant. Here in India NHT clinic is one of most reputed hair transplant clinic. They provide FUE hair transplant facility in all over India. You can check  FUE hair transplant procedure and results here. http://www.nhtindia.com/hair-transplant-gurgaon.php

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