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'Follicular Unit Extraction' or 'FUE' is a minimally-invasive hair transplant.

hair transplant is safe or not? need advise for my husband aging 34 years? what is expences of transplant? who do that in india? can hair regrow?

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Hair Transplant is small surgical process and of course it is safe. Any patient for baldness can undergo hair transplantation. Usually two kind of hair transplant is popular in all over the world. FUE hair transplant and FUT hair transplant. FUE or (Follicular unit extraction) is scarles process and most of surgeon recommend for FUE hair transplantation. FUT hair transplant leave scar after transplantation. NHT hair transplant clinic is one of reputed hair transplant clinic in India provide hair transplant facility in all over India. They provide hair transplant in Chennai, Delhi, Noida and other popular cities in India.

You can see hair transplant results here :   http://www.nhtindia.com/hair-transplant-results.php 

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